Hello With Margo Show!

Hello, bonjour, hola, konichiwa, nihao it doesn’t matter what language I use, the meaning is the same. It is a greeting and sign of respect of the person you are acknowledging. The word Hello was first created by Thomas Edison when he was encouraging people to use the telephone he had created, so that the person at the other end of the line would know they were there.

I want to say HELLO and welcome to all of you who will tune in to watch the “Hello with Margo Show”.  This show features meaningful conversations that will inspire, enlighten and give you fresh perspectives on faith.

As human beings we are storytellers and each one of us has a story. When we are young we enjoy listening to tales from our grandparents of what it was like in the olden days. When we meet with friends or family we want to know what has been happening in their lives. If they are having struggles we want to know how we can help? If someone has lost a loved one and is dealing with grief, our hearts are breaking for them and then words are not needed. The conversation is one of silence and being present.

Stories influence our lives whether is in children’s books, fictitious novels, the news, songs or movies each guides the way we think. We can often decide and make choices based on the above. Stories leave an imprint on us; they shape what we believe and how we behave.

In knowing all of this and being aware of the importance of communication I am feeling very blessed to have this platform.  There will be guests that will have life stories that have impacted them tremendously. These individuals will bring you joy, insight on how they have dealt with deep hurts and how we all learn from others experiences.

Each one of us is an everyday champion wherever we live. In the midst of the people who are in our lives, we are there being role models showing others how to deal with all kinds of situations. Conversations certainly help but our actions can speak louder than words. The force of God’s love is what drives us to be courageous. By engaging ourselves in stories, we can find motives to boldly face the trials in life.

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